Boating Safety Video

All Vessel Safety:
  • NMMA and PWIA support mandatory boater education. NMMA and PWIA believe that boater education is the key to accident prevention and increasing boater safety.
  • NMMA and PWIA support mandatory lifejacket wear for all PWC riders
  • NMMA and PWIA support safer riding through the NMMA Certified program—PWC that are NMMA Certified are built to tougher standards that actually exceed U.S. Coast Guard mandates. Look for PWC that are “NMMA Certified” to ensure it is manufactured to an exceptional standard of quality and safety.
  • There are many in person and online boater education courses available:
    • BoatUS offers a free online course and exam that you can offer to your customers. It is accepted by many states and can be found here.
    • The US Power Squadron also offers boating courses. Find a local course and sign up here.
    • The US Coast Guard offers a comprehensive list of boating classes available to public, including their own courses, here.
    • For state by state rules and regulations, use PWIA’s rules and regulations page, or the National Association for State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) reference guide, here.